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Post  Wings of Darkness on Fri Aug 31, 2012 12:19 am

Definitely Cozy Powell, Tommy Aldridge, Randy Castillo, Bobby Rondinelli. And last but not least - Alex Van Halen.

Fav. albums:
All David Lee Roth's Van Halen albums
Rainbow: Rising, Down To Earth
All Ronnie James Dio´s Black Sabbath albums and of course the Eternal Idol album & most of all Mötley Crue's Mötley Crue '94 and Ozzy Osbourne's No Rest For The Wicked!
And let's not forget Iron Maiden which has been my huge favourite from the very beginning: Number Of The Beast & Piece Of Mind!!!

Fav. books:
Mötley Crue: The Dirt

Fav. movies:
Saving Private Ryan

Fav. drinks:
Vodka, Uhrak beer

Best Tarot Show:

Fav. Tarot song:
I Don´t Care Anymore ('95 Version). The latest album songs are fucking great, a fine album, maybe the best!

Fav. song from Gravity of Light:
Hell Knows

Stay ups... rough ice-hockey and especially the Black Russian drink, vodka and beer!

Other band(s):
Currently looking for suitable side project(s)/band to play whenever Tarot is not doing gigs

Shit happens and then you DIE!

Sonor sq2 24" x 20" x 2bds
15" x 15" front tom
16" x 16" & 18" x 18" floor toms
14"x8" snare drum
All with maple heavy shells
14"x8" brass snare drum
DW5000 bass drums pedals with wood beaters

Festival and big venues drum kit:
14"x14" & 15"x15" front toms
16"x16" & 18"x18" floor toms
2 x 26"x22" front bass drums
2 x 24"x20" side bass drums
14"x8" maple snare drum
All with maple heavy shells
14"x8" brass snare drum

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