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Tony Iommi, Ritchie Blackmore, Al DiMeola. Actually I am more into whole bands, not only individuals.
Fav. albums:
Black Sabbath: Heaven And Hell
Judas Priest: Painkiller
Rainbow: Long Live Rock And Roll
Deep Purple: Burn name a few. If I list here all my favourite bands, albums or influences, this space is not enough for it.
Fav. books:
Mika Waltari: Sinuhe the Egyptian
Fav. movies:
Matrix Trilogy
Fav. drinks:
Any Vodka will do, Finnish long drinks
Fav. foods:
Pasta, pork and Gorgonzola?
Best Tarot Show:
The last gigs of the For The Glory Of Nothing Tour, Helsinki and Tampere, were so outrageous as playing wise as emotion wise, so those are the gigs I will never forget.
Fav. Tarot song:
Fav. song from Gravity of Light:
Hell Knows / Pilot of All Dreams
I do not consider this a perversion, but a lot of people do. I have been playing ice-hockey since I was a kid. It is legalized violation and when you put all of your enthusiasm in it, you can get rid of your stress.
Other band(s):
Modified Marshall JCM800 100W amps
Marshall 1960 300W A&B cabinets
Heavily customized Kramer, Charvels (3), Tokai, Lag and ESP strats.
Dunlop 1mm. black teardrop picks and Boss effects.

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